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Brighthouse - Bright House wont honor moving pack coupon

  • by   Aug 28, 2013
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Company Brighthouse
Product / Service Brighthouse Cable
Location Orlando, Florida
Category Internet
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Monetary Loss

My issue is with you billing department.I was given a moving pack from the post office that had a special offer for a one month free and installation.

The packet needed internet service to submit the change of address and print the coupon. Now it is time for my bill to be due and you billing department is not taking the coupon that is suppose to expire on 09/30/2013. It says nothing about using before we got service. Their supervisor said we should’ve used the coupon at the time we started service.

I replied with, "how I couldn't printed the coupon till I got brighthouse/Internet.

Now I understand paying for the hardware and even taxes but the whole reason why my household went with Bright house was because of this coupon.We will cancel service and tell everyone we know about our bad experience yet again with bright house. 301021f

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Mar 17  from Orlando, Florida
the coupon must be used for internet, cable and phone bundle to be eligible.
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Oct 13, 2013  from Tarpon Springs, Florida
I got the same promotion in my moving pack. I called Brighthouse customer service and they verified that I was eligible. They said to give the coupon to the installer. He said he could not accept it. I called again. They said it the coupon would be deducted from the first bill and to include the coupon when I paid the bill. I ordered basic cable and Internet Lite. The bill arrived and you guessed it, no credit for the coupon. I called again. They said it would be deducted from the next bill. When the bill arrived, it was correct. Today, October 11, 2013, Ireceived a form letter (so this standard procedure for Brighthouse) that I was not eligible for the promotion.

I know that no one from Brighthouse reads these posts or even cares but I hope someone's who has a choice of cable companies does. Please do not use Brighthouse if you have a choice. Knight is a contractor who is doing the best they can. Brighthouse is a corporate entity who could care less. They are a perfect example of what is wrong with corporate America - profit at the lowest possible cost and the heck with service.
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