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Main address: Bright House Networks 33716 Saint Petersburg Fl
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  • $55.9K claimed losses
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  • 2 days ago
  • Entertainment
  • Internet Cup
  • 23

Today, my internet had cut out 8 times in 4 hours, even after I rebooted the router 3 times. My cable DVR has also rebooted itself twice today. I have had a tech out for internet and tv 7 times now and have been a customer for a mere 3 months. I had Verizon FIOS for 7 years and never had a tech visit or lost service and I lived 2 blocks away. I literally scream everyday that I decided to move... Read more

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  • Sep 28
  • Internet
  • Mexican Call Center
  • 13

The Mexican call center Cannot understand simple requests. Supervisor was outrageously rude and ignorant. Cancelling service due to this call center and constant billing problems. No other company I deal with has these issues. Only BH. They are a multi billion dollar company and they need to have the call center in Mexico. Calling again now, requesting last year of bills. The call center in... Read more

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  • Sep 25
  • Internet
  • Technician Appointment
  • 19

I had an appointment scheduled today to have them look at my Internet. I was using the restroom and didn't hear my phone ring. I check my phone minutes later to see that they had called. I call the technician back twice and the *** doesn't answer. I call bright house customer service to find out that they cancelled my appointment! Who does that?! You tell me to be home from 12-2 and I reschedule... Read more

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  • Sep 22
  • Internet
  • Palm Harbor, Florida
  • Internet Bill
  • 33

I got suckered into the $89 a month for lightning internet with free cable... First bill was $139... I "had" to use their modem, but no cable boxes... First argument.... They agree to credit bill but when they did "Special no longer available", so bill number two $ 159... and now want late fees and threaten "ruin credit".... Crooks.... not sure else to say to reach a hundred words but I am... Read more

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I'm looking at one of my favorite shows an it cuts out on me it didn't happen one time but 10times in a week what is the*$"%! Problem with your service I'm already, ready to go to another provider Add comment


  • Sep 21
  • Internet
  • Cable Tv Program
  • 14

We pay to much for Bright house cable to watch the same movies from Friday thru Sunday.Its the same picture back to back for 3to4 hours. Give us some different movies to watch.we are paying for nothing. Give us what we are paying for. Are you really listening to your customers. If so you should let us that your concern is to keep your customers happy. Are do we really matter. Do we get a respond... Read more

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Worst Ever!!!! It goes out more than a hooker! Multiple times in a week it goes out & always same answer will get it back on soon as can & average wait time is a hour to 4 or 5 hours Add comment


  • Sep 17
  • Professional Services
  • Deltona, Florida
  • Business Service
  • 36

For several months now,I have not been able to receive any decent service here.In the past several months I have contacted Bright-house several times, only to hold 20-25 minutes before I get frustrated and hang up. Once again, just hung up after holding 25 minutes today.Only this time I used my second phone to call only to be told by receptionist to call back another day because they must be... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Internet
  • New Port Richey, Florida
  • Internet Connection
  • 28

I have had Brighthouse for several years, and have had over a dozen 'specialists' and 'supervisors' come to my home to solve cable (on demand) and internet (losing connection constantly) issues. None of which were ever solved. Which made for many nights with a cold dinner from fussing with my cable box and resetting it, and many frustrated days/nights where I lost data and connections on the web... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Internet
  • Cable Service
  • 17

The deregulation of cable service from the FCC to city control, in 1999, made cable corporations a monopoly. If you want a CHOICE than call your mayors office and city hall and demand another cable service for your zip code. Tell them to get out of bed with the cable service. For three days straight, two technicians, and countless hours of waiting at home for Brighthouse to show up. I still... Read more

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